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The CSL Team

Who We Are


Christopher Westgate

Christopher Joseph Westgate, Ph.D., is a media scholar, a college professor, a spiritual activist, a brother, a son, a friend, and a dog dad. His path to New Thought began in high school with Thoreau and Emerson and continued through college and graduate school. While he was raised as a Roman Catholic and has participated in many other religious and spiritual paths, he feels closest to God in nature. The idea of oneness is consonant with his approach to the law of attraction. Additionally, he finds ways to put Toltec principles like The Four Agreements into practice every day with his students, colleagues, family, friends, and dog. Chris’s hobbies include reading, writing, cooking, meditating, practicing yoga, working out, listening to music, watching film, traveling, and virtually anything outdoors—hiking, kayaking, cycling, swimming, and camping. Indeed, he loves that CSL Southcoastal Massachusetts TC has many of its warm-weather ceremonies at our beautiful SouthCoastal beaches, from Marion to Westport. Chris has been chair of the Southcoastal Massachusetts TC’s Leadership Council since its founding in 2019.

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